A brief intro

Blockchain is at stake, yet we don’t know where it leads the human civilization to. We don’t need another currency, we need a new form of social organizations. As disrupting as it sounds, new order won’t come until the current one collapses first. Microverse comes in as an experiment, and is trying to create a new governing pattern on blockchain. Being a decentralized autonomous society, no one has the absolute power to dominate the system, people have to rely on each other to get their best interest.

Microverse is powered by the energy of which the basic limited resource unit is named Battery, and uses Blemflarck as its circulating currency. Everything in Microverse world is the result of consuming Battery energy. Once Microverse initialization completes, Microverser will be the first role in the system, and users become Microversers instantly if holding Battery, thus acting as stem cells in this new organization. Microversers can be consumer or producer, starting their own business, forming their own institution, experimenting their own ideas, free will is fully appreciated in this new world. Meanwhile, miners will be voted from Microversers to produce Blemflarck. Once there are enough Blemflarck, factories will start to appear, whose functionalities can be charging Battery, issuing assets, exchanging goods, and all the things once one’s mind is finally able to express its free will. What is or, isn’t, evil, is left to the Citadel to decide, which is defined by the very people living in this universe, the Microversers.


Converted from Evil Morty and Flurbo, Battery is the building blocks for starting this whole new Microverse.


Anyone can become a Microverser by burning Battery, after which, a permanent Microverse resident ID will be assigned

Mutual Constructor

A Mutual Constructor has the right to vote for members in Citadel.
To become a Mutual Constructor, either, burning Battery as a Microverser, or, burning other legit cryptocurrencies (e.g., btc, eth) and get referenced by one Mutual Constructor.


Miners are responsible for keeping the network alive and secure by mining Blemflarck, i.e., minting Blemflarck. Any microverser can become a miner by draining Battery and attracting votes from Microversers.
While mining, it needs Battery as its engergy source, which can be exchanged using Blemflarck through Factories.


Factories are the service providers within Microverse. This could be anything from running a decentralized exchange platform to opening an online store. What can, or cannot, be run, is under the solely definition of Citadel. Blemflarck is paid to build a factory. As a starting point, Battery factory is defined as a place to provide service which can charge Battery or collect Battery


Citadel has governing rights, which means it is capable of create/define legislation, making financial/economic policies such as mining production and taxation within the Microverse society. A list of Microversers will be chosen to run Citadel, with a limited term. To become a Citadel member, one needs to attract votes from the Mutual constructors and burn Battery